Plan for the Villages Organization – Uganda (PLAVIO-Uganda) is a non-profit community based organization seeking to improve on the social-economic wellbeing of at risk populations to ensure sustained livelihoods and peace.

We believe in the power of listening and skills development to increase understanding, respect and cooperation, allowing for the establishment of vibrant, prosperous, and safe communities. We work with local partners, communities, governments and international agencies to address challenges facing the world today. We focus our contributions in three key areas: 1.Peace building and violence reduction, including domestic violence, communal violence, gender based violence, and violent extremism;
2.Community development, including education, health, economic equality and prosperity, and;
3.Civic leadership, including advocacy for issues of good governance, human rights, the rule of law, and community engagement in Uganda and beyond.


To work with the communities to enhance self-sustainability, health, education, livelihoods and social-political wellbeing.


A transformed and economically empowered community that understands; resiliency, excellence and dedication in team work towards restoration of hopeful living and engagements.