Our Work

Uganda serves communities by fostering effective dialogue and listening, providing opportunities for skills training, promoting behavior change in the communities through health education, sexual gender based awareness, HIV/AIDS education, Livelihoods training amongst others.

We believe working together carefully and respectfully by hearing others out first can help our communities grow and defend their values, respond to development challenges, and give honest feedback to government and community leaders. Our work focuses around three key themes:
Our work focuses around three key themes:
1.Peace building and violence reduction, including domestic violence, communal violence, gender based violence, and violent extremism;
2.Community development, including education, health, economic equality and prosperity, and;
3.Civic leadership, including advocacy for issues of good governance, human rights, the rule of law, and community engagement in Uganda.

In 2019 through Listen First Uganda that merged with PLAVIO-Uganda, we extended partnerships with two US-based organizations: National Conversation Project and Living Room Conversations, which helps us further our missions in Uganda. The organization hosted a Generation of Listening Leaders conference in Lira, Uganda in February 2019.

Part of our work throughout has been in the following areas:
Monthly relief food distribution to persons with special needs in Lira district.
Vocational skills training in tailoring for teen mothers and girls that dropped out of school